We provide the following services:

Regulatory affairs
  • Registration of human pharmaceutical products in the Central European region (MRP, DCP or National Registrations)
  • Communication support in the reimbursement negotiations in the Central and Eastern European Countries (pharmaceutical products and medical devices)
  • Pharmacovigilance (EudraVigilance)
Sales and Marketing
  • Human pharmaceutical products commercialization through a network of sales representatives:
    • The core team: long-term Axonia employees
    • The flexible teams: ad-hoc teams built according to specific requirements of our business partners
  • Education and training programmes:
    • ActiMed(TM) Education Programme - an active coaching for implementation of the selling and medico-marketing skills
    • Marketing consultations and counselling
    • Strategic planning
    • Medical Adviser/Director activities
    • Product Specialist activities
  • Consultation services:
    • Pharmacoeconomic analyses
    • Market researches and analyses, recall tests