Vaginal Inflammations


CICATRIDINA® vaginal ovules provides tissues tension nourishment and flexibility thanks to the content of hyaluronic acid.


GINEXID® vaginal ovules for intimate care in case of vaginal infections.


CLOGIN® vaginal douche with pH 4,5 is a ready to use vaginal douche indicated for the adjuvant treatment of vaginal fungal infections (thrush, candidiasis).


PruriGyne® vulvar cream for alleviation of burning and itching sensations in the anogenital region.

vaginal gel 150 ml + 28 disposable applicators

Deflagyn® vaginal gel for promotion of remission after unclear cervical smears ASC-US, ASC-H, LSIL and HSIL during the watchful waiting period.

50 stripes

GYNTEST test strips are suitable for in-vitro determination of vaginal pH.