CICATRIDINA® spray with hyaluronic acid for acceleration of wound healing.



PROKTIS-M® active cleansing foam is intended for daily cleaning of the perianal mucosa after surgery and in the presence of proctological pathologies.


CLOGIN® vaginal douche with pH 4,5 is a ready to use vaginal douche indicated for the adjuvant treatment of vaginal fungal infections (thrush, candidiasis).

60 capsules

Complidermol 5α against hair loss in women is a clinically proven formula especially developped against hair loss and maintanance of normal hormonal activity.

120 ml

 Complidermol 5α vlasový sprej byl speciálně vyvinut pro snížení vypadávání vlasů a zesílení jejich struktury u žen s nadměrným vypadáváním vlasů.


PruriGyne® vulvar cream for alleviation of burning and itching sensations in the anogenital region.

STRATADERM®gel is indicated for the treatment of old and new hypertrophic and keloid scars.

STRATAMED® is a gel for prevention of abnormal scarring and acceleration of healing of open wounds.

50 ml

MASK HYDRA hydratační krém je speciálně navržen pro hydrataci a ochranu mastné a problematické pleti.

50 ml

MASK REPAIR je jemná emulze pro péči o problematickou pleť.

50 g

STRATAMARK® gel is a silicone gel indicated for the prevention and treatment of stretch marks (striae distensae).

amalian SKINCARE - Highly efficient skincare made of natural extracts and deeply acting hyaluronic acid. Quality Made in Germany.

1 dermal filler (0.5-2 ml) + 2 application needles

amalian dermal fillers are composed of ultraclean hyaluronic acid. Quality Made in Germany.